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Switching To SSL

Thinking of switching your web site over to SSL? We’ll give you some helpful tips and walk you through an actual changeover experience. First, what exactly is SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)? It is a technology that ensures that data transmitted between a web site and client (user) is encrypted and protected from modification by a third party enroute. When you …

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Are Those SEO Claims Real?

If you own a web site, sooner or later you will start receiving solicitations from people who claim to be able to get your site to the “top of Google search”. If you have a contact form on your site, they will send you solicitations that way (even if you post a statement that it is not to be used …

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Do You Have a Mobile Web Site?

Do you have a mobile web site? If not, your web site may be difficult or impossible for visitors using smart phones and tablet computers to view. Many people search for businesses while they are “on the go”, or just to pass the time while they are waiting. You may have heard the term “responsive web design” and wondered what …

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Using WordPress For Small Business Web Sites

Should I choose WordPress for my small business web site? WordPress is arguably the most popular Content Management System (CMS) platform  for small businesses and organizations on the Internet today. The software itself is free, although you still have to pay someone to host your site (unless you have the resources to do that yourself). What are the advantages and …

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New Web Site for Tasty Nut Shop

We have just built a new web site for the Tasty Nut Shop in White Pigeon, Michigan. The Tasty Nut Shop sells home made candies and nuts from all over the world. It dates from the early 1920s. Visit the web site here: The Tasty Nut Shop features a real working 1950’s soda bar with sodas and ice cream …

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